First-of-its-kind assessment developed to screen young children for dyslexia

November 29, 2018

 Developed in 2016, a first-of-its-kind evidence-based assessment is now available for school districts nationwide to use to screen students in kindergarten through third grade for dyslexia. This assessment was developed by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a leader in dyslexia research, at the Yale University's Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. The assessment will enable early support and intervention for children with dyslexia. The digital dyslexia screen is delivered in less than five minutes and costs only 99 cents per student, making it a simple and inexpensive for school districts to administer. 


According to Dr. Shaywtiz, “Right now in public schools, screening for and diagnosing dyslexia is practically non-existent, especially in low-income communities,” if children with dyslexia are not identified, they will not receive needed interventions. She contends that early detection is key to closing the gap in reading ability between children with dyslexia and typical readers. The assessment is offered to school districts through Pearson.


For more information on dyslexia, a disability that affects approximately 20 percent of the population, consider reading Dr. Shaywitz's book, Overcoming Dyslexia.  


Education Attorney Martha Watson

A California special education attorney



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