Dyslexia Guidelines Due Out Soon

July 14, 2017


Most people assume that smart people are good at reading. But some people, even some really smart people who are talented in other ways, have trouble learning to read. This difficulty with reading is called dyslexia. 


When a person has dyslexia, their brain takes longer to make connections and takes more steps, especially in matching letters on a page with the sounds of the letters. This makes reading hard to do.


Back in 2015, the legislature in California passed Assembly Bill 1369 to help children with dyslexia. The bill requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop and complete in time for use at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, guidelines for dyslexia. The guidelines are to be used to help teachers and parents identify and assess students with dyslexia and improve educational services for them.


In passing this bill, California legislators are calling on school districts to recognize that dyslexia is a significant problem that must be addressed.


The hope is that with these guidelines, dyslexia will be understood, and bright, yet struggling, dyslexic children will not be overlooked, but evaluated, and receive evidence-based interventions, which are based on science, while in school. 


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