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Special education attorney services

For Jessica (not her real name), a student who uses a wheelchair, by the time her mother contacted us, her school district had failed to provide her with any transportation for almost a year, and she was unable to go to school. Through our efforts on her behalf, the school district agreed to buy a school bus. 


Our special education representation makes a difference.

We help families, such as Jessica's, obtain appropriate IEP supports for their children. An Individualized education program, "IEP," is a written plan designed to provide educational supports to meet the unique needs of a disabled student. The IEP includes information as to the student's present levels of performance, the child's placement and educational services, the date services are to begin as well as their frequency, duration, and location. The IEP also includes goals the child is to work to achieve in all areas of need.

We work closely with families to help children with special needs.

Ours is a small law firm, enbling us to work closely with parents to obtain much needed special education supports for their loved ones.

We help parents exercise their right to challenge a school district.

If the school district has denied your child a free, appropriate public education, you have the right to challenge the school district in the California administrative law court through due process. Since 2008, Martha has represented families in special education due process cases against more than 40 school districts. Read more more about the steps in resolving a dispute with a school district through due process here.


Ms. Watson represents children with special needs and their families in disputes with school districts and other local education agencies regarding: 


    •  Eligibility for a special education IEP • Assessments • Placement  

•   Services • Disciplinary matters • Possible civil rights violations 

• Other violations of the IDEA and relevant California law

If your child has a disability that adversely affects his or her educational performance, your child may be eligible to receive special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the "IDEA." Under IDEA, school districts are required to seek out, identify, and evaluate children with disabilities who need special education and related services. 


Your child may be eligible for a special education IEP if your child has any of the following issues: 

Secure IEP supports for your child.

Your child is entitled to a free appropriate education. An appropriate education for your child may possibly include related services:
  • Physical therapy

  • Vision therapy

  • Music therapy 

  • Assistive technology

  • One-to-one aide 

  • Transportation services

  • Residential placement

  • Nonpublic school placement

  • Occupational therapy

  • Counseling services

  • Health services

  • social skills training

  • Academic tutoring

  • Transition services

  • Adaptive physical education

  • Other appropriate services

Please note: We cannot guarantee any particular result for any of the families we represent.  

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